Property Inspections

All that you wanted to know

Are you about to have a property inspection done in Melbourne? You might be wondering what happens during property inspection. Property inspection refers to the act of checking a building visually for any faults in the fittings and the structure. It is carried out by a professional who is trained and experienced in carrying out property evaluations.

The report is designed in a way to provide home owners or potential buyers to make an informed decision about the building. You will have all the necessary information regarding the problems which are addressed and how you should be making amends to fix those.

It should be kept in mind that the inspection is a non-invasive procedure. This is why no part of the building is invaded or tampered with.  None of the fixture would be dismantled. Therefore you can expect that no holes would be drilled and no digging would take place in the garden. In case of any damage to the property during the inspection the building inspector would be liable to make amends or provide compensation. A reputable building inspector carries an insurance in case any damage does occur they are able to compensate the owner.

What exactly is a property inspection in Melbourne?

A property inspection can be divided into three areas

The visual inspection

You would make an appointment with the building inspector at a specific time. He will them take you around on an inspection of the property. If you are a potential customer for a home you would like the experience of visiting an unknown building for the first time and looking it through the eyes of a professional property inspector. Some building inspectors encourage clients to take part in the building inspection so they can experience hands on what kind of property they are buying or selling. For people who want to sell their property it would be like looking through the eyes of a potential customer. You can expect the inspection to last anywhere from three to four hours depending upon the size of the building or the property.

The report on completion of the inspection

If you are accompanying the building inspector you would be involved in a verbal discussion of how things are looking and what issues need to be addressed. You would be provided a written report anywhere twenty four or forty eight hours after the inspection has been carried out. The report should be detailed with suggestions on how things can be improved to achieve the best results.

Post inspection discussion

Once the report has been delivered the property inspector would be available to answer any queries which you have regarding the report. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the inspection you can ask the inspector. This is a service which would be included in the inspectors fee and it is mandatory for them to answer your questions.

For a free verbal consultation on property inspection in Melbourne, make sure you contact your local property inspectors.

Electrical Contractors in Toowoomba

Choosing the right Electrical Company

Thinking about remodelling your home? Have you wondered whom you should hire for the all the wiring and appliance installation? A licensed electrical contractor can handle all sorts of electrical jobs from big to small. Just make sure you hire the right person for the job. It’s not that difficult, just keep the following things in mind.

Does the electrical contractor have a license?

In order to carry out electrical work in Toowoomba the contractor needs to have a license. If they do not have the work permit, they wouldn’t be allowed to carry out the work.

Do they have an insurance?

Electrical work is risky business. Though there need not be a mishap but it’s better to be protected in case it happens. Make sure you ask the contractor whether they have insurance. This protects you and your home from any potential financial loss.

Is the electrical contractor bonded?

This ensures that things work out smoothly for you. Since you are hiring a contractor you need to make sure that all the people they send to finish the work do so on time. Electrical wiring repair is intricate work, therefore it needs to be finished professionally and as soon as possible. In case the work is not up to the mark, would your electrician reimburse you for your losses? Plus if thing aren’t working the way they are supposed to, would they carry out the necessary maintenance work.

Does the electrical contractor have the necessary experience?

When it comes to basic repair work like fixing a fuse or installing lights and lamps, any electrician would do. However, when you are remodeling your home, electrical wok has to be performed from scratch. This I where you should be careful about who you should hire. You need someone who has the right kind of experience. There are many intricacies to setting out a completely new circuit.

Why hire a licensed electrical contractor?

There are times when people might feel that paying up too much for a licensed contractor takes a toll on the budget. They hire someone who is cheap and not licensed. This is pretty dangerous. The following are few reasons why you need to hire a licensed professional for the job.

  • A licensed professional is someone who is registered. Someone who can be trusted to carry out the correct work with the right work ethic
  • Someone who is licensed is most definitely insured as well. This way your assets stay protected.
  • Someone who isn’t licensed won’t be aware of the building codes for electrical wiring as well. If they fail to take the necessary permission, you would be the one who ends up in trouble and would even have to pay compensation for breaking the code of conduct.
  • There could be chance of slip shod work. Someone who is licensed would make sure that they complete the work according to the contract. However, this by no mean is an indication that every unlicensed person does shoddy work. It’s more of a precautionary measure.

For more information on electrical contractors in Toowoomba, make sure you contact a registered business.