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End of Lease Cleaning Tips

Moving out soon? Chances are you might be stumped about how to carry an end of lease cleaning. After all while living in the house you might not have been able to keep it as spick and span as you wanted. And if you have pets r young children at home some pills and a bit of destruction could definitely have taken place. For those who aren’t to particular about cleaning things up as soon as necessary, the buildup can be pretty much overwhelming.

However, the following tips from vacate cleaning experts in Melbourne would make things easier.

Vacate Cleaning Tips

  • Keep in mind that vacate cleaning should be carried out I a way which ensures that your home is in the same condition as it was before you actually moved in. if you have records of house condition then make sure you try to restore things the way they were. Also if you are planning to move soon, it’s better to remove the furniture and all your stuff and then concentrate on cleaning up. This way it’s easier to clean a home when there are no objects blocking your way.
  • Start with the walls. Make sure that the walls are clean and use a scourer if necessary. However, keep in mind to not rub too hard as this might wreck the paint. Also try to vacuum the carpets and rugs to get rid of the dirt. If there are spills on the carpet it would be better to call in carpet cleaning services to take care of it.
  • Take care to clean each and every room. If there are any damaged fixtures those need to be taken care of as well. Also windows and doors should be clean as well. Try to get rid of excess dirt by using a vacuum. If the floors are made from concrete or hardwood use a partially wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and debris.
  • Do not forget to clean the kitchen as well. The kitchen is one place which gets dirtiest. If you are the sort who enjoys cooking there could be a great deal of wear and tear in the kitchen. Make sure all accessories and equipment like the kitchen island, the microwave and the dishwasher are perfectly clean. Also do not forget to clean the kitchen cupboards and get rid of any debris or thrash.
  • Washrooms should be thoroughly cleaned as well. The mirrors, shower and the cupboards should be cleaned and all things should be kept away. Also make sure to get rid of the buildup by using the right kind of detergents and washes.
  • Last but not the least if the home has an attic make sure you remove all your belongings from there and leave it in previous condition.

When the landlord comes to inspect the property make sure you are present to clarify anything which they might need to ask. If vacate cleaning si something which you wouldn’t be able to handle on your own then make sure you call in the experts at vacate cleaning in Melbourne.