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Things to Consider When Installing Awnings in Gold Coast

As you install awnings in your home, ensure that you follow the factors that will be highlighted in this article to get the best match for your outdoor space. You will also get a chance to learn about additional advantages offered by awnings in your home later in this article.

Seven factors of consideration when installing awnings in Gold Coast

Determine the purpose

Considering the versatility of the awnings, it is important to have a clear goal of what exactly you want to achieve with the awning. It can be to provide shade, protection against rain and other forms of precipitation, or even improve energy efficiency around your home. Once you identify the purpose, it becomes easy to select the right kind of awning that suits your needs.

Evaluate the area of placement

Another important factor to fathom is the area where you will erect the awning. Fortunately, there are several places that you can install an awning including windows, patios, doors and decks. Once you have identified an appropriate location, it becomes easy to find the right awning.

Determine the size

Awnings come in different sizes so it is best if you determine the size of your space before going to purchase one. This gives you maximum utilisation of your outdoor living space.

Choose style

The styles available to choose from include retractable, stationary, dome and traditional awnings. You need to select a style that matches with other amenities in your outdoor space to improve your curb appeal.

Consider durability

Since Gold Coast frequently experiences harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, salty air and intense sunlight, it is wise to invest in a highly durable awning that can withstand such conditions for a long period.


Ensure that you check the maintenance requirements of the awning before purchasing to avoid getting unwanted costs later on. Some may require regular lubrication, cleaning and seasonal adjustments to maintain their appearance.


When calculating cost, ensure that you include the initial and upfront costs and how much you are going to save in energy to determine if it is a good investment or not. You will find an affordable awning solution for your needs if you remain vigilant.

What additional advantages do you get by installing an awning?

In addition to providing shade and protection, you will also enjoy the following benefits from an awning:

Enhanced comfort

Awnings make your outdoor space comfortable and usable throughout the year, regardless of the season. This is crucial in times of high solar energy that is experienced in the Gold Coast region. Comfort makes working in such conditions bearable.

Energy saving

Awnings help in reducing heat from the sun entering through doors and windows, thus maintaining cool indoor conditions. Therefore, this eliminates the need to have an air conditioner and greatly reduces your energy bills.

Extended outdoor living

Well, you get a lot more outdoor space to put more amenities and enjoy more outdoor activities under protected spaces. Some of the fun activities to do in the outdoor space include dining, entertaining, sports, and relaxation.

You can find quality awnings in Gold Coast for your outdoor space needs by determining the purpose, area of placement, size, style, durability, maintenance and cost. Aside from shelter and protection, awnings also provide benefits such as enhanced comfort, energy saving, and extended outdoor living.