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Rent Roll Valuation

John Crocker and Associates are one of the few recognized professional rent roll valuers within New Zealand.

Whether you are looking for a valuation for your own records, for your bank, preparing for sale or looking at buying a rent roll, John Crocker and Associates can assist you. Your personalised valuation will provide a comprehensive assessment of the market value of your business through the tried and tested systems that John has spent decades perfecting.

John doesn’t use a template. Instead, he offers a detailed synthesis of the business being valued. His detailed report drills down to the core of the business, exposing potential problems and ensuring the asset is well researched. This process can take between 2-5 working days depending on your rent roll size and other commitments. In some circumstances, valuations may be done online.

John has a list of property company owners who are actively looking to purchase rent rolls. Contact John now for a confidential no obligation chat about your business valuation or rent roll purchase you may be considering.