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Important Tips to Consider When Installing Aircon in Gold Coast

Gold Coast region usually experiences hot and humid climates, making the use of air conditioning systems at home and office almost inevitable. There are various types of air conditioning systems and it is vital to understand which unit works better in your place. Let us briefly look at the major factors you need to consider when installing your aircon and common types of aircon that exist in Gold Cost along with their areas of applications.

Seven important tips for installing aircon in the Gold Coast region

Choose the right size:

You should begin by evaluating the space that you need to install your aircon to understand the right size of aircon that you will need to install. This ensures that the aircon works efficiently without being overstretched.

Identify placement location:

After determining the right size of the aircon to install aircon, you will then need to identify the perfect location where the aircon will be placed to supply the required currents to the entire room. However, the place of your choosing should not have obstructions as this can reduce the effectiveness of the aircon. Moreover, the aircon should not be placed along the path or in a place where children can easily access it.


For optimal performance of your aircon, you will need to insulate your entire room openings like windows, ceilings and walls to prevent heat loss and get the required temperature conditions in the room.

Climate considerations:

The Gold Coast region always experiences high temperatures and humidity levels. It is important to get yourself an aircon that can help to bring down temperatures and maintain optimal humidity in the air. This ensures that you stay active and can comfortably perform your daily activities.

Noise considerations:

Some aircon units can be so loud, hence, you need to understand your surroundings before purchasing one. For instance, in a residential setting, you should go for less noisy aircon to prevent conflicts with your neighbours.

Budget considerations:

You have to sit down and calculate all the requirements of installing an air conditioner then come up with an appropriate budget. You need to keep upfront and maintenance costs in mind while planning your budget as it may require a lot of upkeep costs to keep it running.

Most common types of aircon and their suitable application areas

Split system:

This is the ideal solution for a single room. The indoor unit is mounted inside every room and the outdoor unit is kept outside the house.

Ducted system:

This works better in a home with multiple rooms. It has a duct channel hidden in the ceiling and an outdoor unit usually placed outside the house.

Window unit:

Window aircon is installed through the windows or wall opening and is suitable in single rooms where ductwork may be challenging to install.

Portable unit:

This freestanding unit can be carried from one location to another. Hence, it is appropriate if you have a tight budget to install ductwork but still need to work in different rooms under relaxing conditions.

The most important tips to consider when installing aircon units are choosing the right size, identifying the placement location, insulation, climate, noise and budget considerations. The most common types of air con units in the Gold Coast region include split systems, ducted systems, window units and portable units. You can select the most suitable for you depending on your budget and space requirements.

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