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Getting ready to get a Certificate III in Carpentry

Completing a Certificate III in Carpentry provides a great gateway for increased employability. Enrolling in the course starts you on the right road to learn everything about carpentry from industrial leaders.

Overview of Certificate III in Carpentry

The skills in commercial and residential applications provided by Certificate III in Carpentry start you off in the right trade career outcome. The most common carpentry skills needed by the construction industry including specialised work are the competent core unit of the course.

The assessment and training undertaken in an environment closely stimulating a workplace provided by the course is the way to comply with the skills requirements of the construction industry. To this end, the course is one of the requirements for individuals wanting to further their careers in the construction industry.

Certificate III in Carpentry Units and Subjects

There are 7 electives and 27 core units included in the 34 competency units of the course.


  • CPCCCA3012 Wet Area Fixtures Fit and Frame
  • CPCCCM3001 elevated work platform operations up to 11 metres
  • CPCCCA3027 Indirect action powder-actuated power tools set up, operation, and maintenance
  • CPCCCA3014 bulkheads construction and installation
  • CPCCCA3009 advanced roofs construction
  • CPCCOM2001 specifications and plans reading and interpreting

Core Subjects:

  • CPCWHS3001 Risk control strategies selection and identification of work hazards in the construction workplace
  • CPCCOM1015 carrying out calculations and measurements
  • CPCCCA2002 use carpentry equipment and tools
  • CPCCCA3004 erecting and constructing wall frames
  • CPCCWHS2001 application of WHS procedures, requirements, and policies in the construction industry
  • CPCCCA2011 handling of carpentry materials
  • CPCCOM3006 carrying out of levelling operations
  • CPCCCA3001 carrying out general demolition of minor building structures
  • PCCOM3001 performing construction calculations to determine carpentry material requirements
  • CPCCCA3003 installation of flooring systems
  • CPCCOM1014 proper conduction of workplace communication
  • CPCCCA3025 interpret and read drawings, plans, and specifications for carpentry work
  • CPCCCM2012 working safely at heights
  • CPCCCA3017 installation of exterior cladding
  • CPCCCA3024 installation of moulding, lining, and panelling
  • CPCCCA3028 dismantling and erecting formwork for slabs and footings on ground
  • CPCCOM1012 effective and sustainable work in the construction business
  • CPCCCO2013 simple form concreting
  • CPCCCA3016 restricted height scaffold erecting and dismantling

Course Application Requirements

The following requirements have to be met before being granted entry to the course:

  • Age needs to be 18 and above at the time of application
  • LLN Language, Literacy, and Numeracy
  • Must meet satisfactory equivalency of Australian year 11/12 studies
  • Academic IELTS score of 5.5
  • Mist have access to the internet, device, and possess basic digital knowledge

Course Modes

Delivery Mode

The delivery mode is a blended and intensive training model program. Students opting for this course mode are required:

  • To attend online-based classes for 6 hours to complete the weekly schedule of 20 hours
  • 14 hours per week attendance to construction or simulation site visits and tutorials

Study Mode

  • Full-time study
  • 30% hours full attendance on online courses, 70% hours of face-to-face for a total of 20 hours every week
  • Required to comply with 5 hours of self-directed weekly learning

The CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry is nationally recognised, making it possible for certificate holders to work as joiners, carpenters, and more anywhere in Australia. Enrol in a certificate III in carpentry to make your credentials more impressive.